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Creating Development store in shopify

    Creating a development store in Shopify involves setting up a separate environment where you can make changes, test new features, and experiment without affecting your live or production store. Here are the general steps to create a development store in Shopify:

    Get Partners account / Log in

    • Signup by clicking on “Join Now” button at “”
    • If you already have account click on “Login”.

    Access your Shopify Admin:

    • Once logged in, go to your Shopify admin dashboard.

    Create a New Store:

    1. Shopify doesn’t have a specific “development store” feature, but you can create a new store for testing purposes. To do this, click on “Stores” option.
    2. Click on “Add Store” Dropdown
    • “Request Access to Store” for client’s store.
    • “Create development store” to create new store.
    • Fill the required details and click on “create development store”

    Remember that Shopify doesn’t have a built-in feature specifically named “development store,” so you’ll need to use a trial store, duplicate an existing store, or use other strategies to create a separate environment for testing. Always be cautious when working on a live store and test extensively in the development environment before applying changes to the production store.

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